Kollreid Alpine Base

Do you want to take your group for an active week at our farm, or maybe organise an event for alpine sports such as a sports camp?

We are glad to help you with this and offer an accommodation that allows you an easy access to the mountains as well as a relaxing place for enjoying your time after a great day outdoors.

Located right in the East Tyrolean mountains, Kollreid provides individuals or groups an ideal setting for doing mountain sports. The surrounding area offers plenty of possibilities for activities like ski touring, climbing, hiking, paragliding and mountain biking.

‘Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practise my religion.’  -Anatoli Boukreev

We believe that sports can be a great way to connect with ourselves and with nature – when doing this with respect. Thus, we offer an alpine base for encouraging a form of alpinism that considers personal responsibility and does not leave traces.

“Climbers are a universal tribe: we share the knowledge that things are not important. Experience is important. Feeling is important.” -Steve House


Please contact us if you want to collaborate by arranging courses or trainings. Contributing to the alpine community is important for us.

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