The ancestor of all apples

Malus Sieversii

Did you know that apples originate from the mountains of Kazakhstan? Almost all domesticated apples, such as Granny Smith and Pink Lady derive from the wild apple native Malus sieversii.

Why this apple is important

Malus sieversii is a valuable resource for its ability to grow without pesticides also in harsh climates. With a critically changing climate, the industrial apples aren’t set to cope with our changing world which makes it even more relevant to preserve robust species such as this ancient apple.

To support the Malus sieversii, the Association for the Wild Apple in Austria took it as a task to plant more of these apple trees all around and to grow a community of people who support this project. Kollreider Hof is the base location for the organization in Austria. We have several young Malus sieversii trees growing at our farm at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, and offer apple seeds to those interested to support this tough apple.

Would you like to get your own apple tree and become part of the Malus sieversii network? Send us an inquiry!